Jacques Jarrige

"Waves in Landscape", 2020
Hand hammered aluminum
78 x 5 x 5 in (198.12 x 12.70 x 12.70 cm)
During the 2020 pandemic, Jacques Jarrige is in the volcanic Aubrac region of France. He is confined but just outside the rock formation inspires him to create a body of work. "Waves" in the landscape. Carving from the block: now an impetus that has evaporated – in the recent work of Jacques Jarrige form becomes increasingly porous; refusing all mannered affectation, all stylistic sugarcoating, it tends to express nothing but the essential: the near organic imprint of the energies that sculpt the living. The forms organic (therefore functional), owing as much to Jean Arp and to Henry Moore, as to Giuseppe Penone. The sculptures seem as if, in a certain way, they had been there forever: they do not impose themselves on their environment. A familiar bestiary, forms to live among. Asceticism, Humility, the Renunciatory Ethic To the hesitation of the line rejoins the simplicity of the materials employed: aluminum. Nothing distracts us from hearing the striking of the perfect note. In progressively renouncing all stylistic complacency, all frivolity, in stripping the form to liberate the original purity within, Jacques Jarrige has developed a straightforward and free vocabulary, the literal embodiment of his human and spiritual experience. Time and Space Using archetypal forms, Jacques Jarrige situates his objects in a timeless framework; oddly, however, these forms equally evoke the ephemeral: the primal form invokes at once the previous life of the object, as well as time, immemorial, its fossilization. Everything passes, nothing is so important. Jarrige's mobiles, sometimes rapidly assembled on the beach from raw, 'lifeless' materials, roots, cuttlefish bones, etc..., playing with the slightest whisper of wind, are incorporated into a moving space, at once ephemeral and uncertain. But a free flowing space, where competing energies cavort harmoniously in eternity.
"Waves in Landscape" by Jacques Jarrige
"Waves in Landscape" by Jacques Jarrige

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