Jacques Jarrige

"Isadora" Necklace , 2015
Hand Hammered Gold Plated brass
11.50 x 8.50 in
Each piece is made by hand, cut and hand hammered therefore capturing the artist's gesture. In the artist words: The body has always been the center of my sculptural work with its theme of movement and space. My jewelry not only follows the same process of translating an ephemeral gesture into a three-dimensional material presence, it's actually at the very core of my esthetic exploration: the wearer of my pieces occupies the sculptural space from the inside just as I do when I create them ⎯ my colliers, for example, are formed around my neck, my rings around my fingers. I never sketch on paper but draw my metallic lines directly into space, responding to the way my materials react to being hammered, cut and bent. In the medium of jewelry, the immediate dialogue between volume and line evolves into a conversation with the contours of the body. I think of my wearable objects not as ornaments but as companions who heighten one's physical awareness ⎯ born out of movement I would like them to embrace the wearer like a dance partner in a Pas de Deux, engaged in an energetic game of closeness and distance. A game also played out in the tension of solid form and empty space, with the latter opening a window onto the skin.