Jacques Jarrige

In the Moment by Jeannine Falino

Lean and angular like his furniture, French artist Jacques Jarrige has developed an expressive and sensuous body of work since the 1980s. He enjoys a devoted following in Europe, particularly in his native France, where museums have been collecting his work, and his profile is beginning to rise among American collectors, aided by design magazines that depict his work with increasing frequency.[i] A sculptor in outlook, Jarrige says that “design bores me when it is decorative. . . . For me, the idea in itself of function is a ‘prison’ but perhaps I am reacting as a sculptor rather than a designer.”[ii] And while his designs certainly work with the principles of ergonomics, Jarrige doesn’t follow the modernist dictum that form follows function. Instead he has created a unique vocabulary of sculptural forms that touch an ancient chord of memory. The volume and surface of his objects reference biomorphic artists Jean Arp, Constantin Brâncuși, Henry Moore, and Isamu Noguchi, among others, and his distinctive forms, often lacquered in black, add distinction to modern interiors.

Jarrige is a thinker and a seeker who reads widely and experiments continually. Working in the moment, he is open to the chance view, connection, or exchange that may inform his work.  He follows several threads of interest, toggling back and forth as inspiration calls. His sculptural inquiry into solids and voids has yielded some arresting designs that are imbued with a subtle, yet undeniably zoomorphic quality. Meanwhile, Jarrige’s exploration of the meandering line has led to some exciting breakthroughs in lighting, screens, and seating. Most recently, his adaptation of an open-weave motif in furniture can be seen in his new series of lighting, desks, and bookcases.

As a child, Jarrige enjoyed drawing and has vivid memories of the paintings his father collected by French painters André Derain, Paul Vlaminck, and André Dunoyer de Segonzac. Their direct, sensuous response to color and landscape made a deep impression on Jarrige, providing him from his earliest years with “food for the eyes.” Initially planning for a career in architecture, the artist found a more satisfying path by making his mark far from the world of blueprints and scale drawings, in the direct fabrication of objects that sprung from his imagination. While the linear aspect of his work may owe a debt to his architectural training, from the start he employed a languid line that has more in common with the organic world than architecture.  Continue reading ( http://thesearchingline.com/ )

[i] Jarrige’s work is in the Musée historique et archéologique de L’Orléanais and the Centre national des arts plastiques. For published examples, see, among others, Marie-France Boyer, “Shades of Gray,” The World of Interiors (London) (May 2011): 208–17; Renaud Legrand, “La dolce vita à la française,”Architectural Digest(Paris) (July–August 2011): 124–33; Marie-France Boyer, “Barbarians and Bibelots,” The World of Interiors(London) (September 2011): 100–105;  Bianca Bufi, “Près du Paradis,” Maison Française (Paris) 573 (September 2011): 118–27; Kurt G. Stapelfeldt, “À Berlin, la maison rêvée de Karena Schuessler,” IDEAT(Paris) 88 (November 2011): 220–27.

[ii] Jacques Jarrige, interview with Esther Henwood, in Esther Henwood, Design & Litterature: Une liaison inspirée (Paris: Norma, 2009), 78–81.


Jarrige’s work has been recently featured in AD, December 2017, Hollywood Reporter, October 2017, NY Cottages and Gardens, October 2017, Elle Decor “Talent”, September 2017, Architectural Digest, September 2015, The New York Times, May 2015, Harpers Bazaar 2015, Luxe Miami, 2015, IDEAT, November 2011, AD Collector, October 2011, World of Interiors September 2011 and May 2011, Maison Francaise September 2011 and Architectural Digest France July-August 2011 edition p 128-130 with a special focus on the artist Jacques Jarrige is exclusively represented in the U.S. by Valerie Goodman Gallery.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • 2017 Valerie Goodman Gallery, NY Sculptures “18 Angels”
  • 2017 Sculpture Garden at RoCA, Nyack NY “Curves #1,#2, #3”
  • 2017 Valerie Goodman Gallery, NY “New Objects”
  • 2015 Pullman, Miami “Waves” Sculpture installation,
  • 2013 Valerie Goodman Gallery, NY The Searching Line book release
  • 2013 Sebastian Barquet Gallery. NY curated by Valerie Goodman
  • 2012 Aqua Art fair, Miami
  • 2012 Valerie Goodman Gallery, NY “Meanders”
  • 2010 Valerie Goodman Gallery, NY  “Clouds”
  • 2009 Galerie Thierry Marchand, Paris
  • 2006 Galerie Cat Berro, Paris
  • 2002 Galerie Frédéric de Luca. Paris
  • 1998 Hôtel de ville de Paris Salle Saint Jean, Paris
  • 1993 Galerie En attendant les Barbares, Paris
  • 1991 Galerie En attendant les Barbares, Paris
  • 1989 Entrepôts de Bercy, Paris

Group Exhibitions

  • 2017 Rockefeller State Park Preserve Gallery,Pleasantville,NY
  • 2017 Pfizer Building, Brooklyn,NY “Repsychling” curated by Vida Sabbaghi
  • 2016 Pfizer Building, Brooklyn,NY “Repsychling” curated by Vida Sabbaghi
  • 2015 LOOT Museum of Arts and Design, NY
  • 2015 Queens Museum, Queens NY “An inclusive World”
  • 2014 Valerie Goodman Gallery NY “New Works”
  • 2005 FNAC 1991 “les guichets de l’ enfance” Musée de la Poste
  • 2004 Musée d’Orléans
  • 1994 “le cintre” Hamburg, Germany Museum of Decorative Arts
  • 2005 “Meubles d’ Artistes” Musée de Châteauroux

National Collections

  • 2002 Mobilier national
  • 2004 Musée d’Orléans
  • 2005 FNAC


  • 2014 Yun-Mo Ahn world tour « Become A Butterfly »
  • Valerie Goodman Gallery, Rockefeller State Park Preserve Gallery, Queens Museum