Eric Schmitt

Eric Schmitt was born in Toulouse in April 55. He left Paris in 1997 to live and work at the edge of the Fontainebleau forest. In his workshop are created, designed then shaped the models that will be entrusted to the best craftsmen before returning for the finish.

A self taught master of wrought iron, he now works with a team that enables him to collaborate with architects, interior designers and landscape designers on private or public projects. Reviving in a modern way with the French tradition of Decorative Arts, his creations are often made to measure or short series of numbered objects.He also has a long-term collaboration with Liaigre for who he signs a collection of bronze pieces.

2012 : DutkoGallery showing Eric Schmitt at Design Miami Basel.

2012 : Exhibitionat Ralph Pucci, Los Angeles.

2011 :Exhibition at Ibu Gallery, Paris.

2011 :”On the Rocks” : Solo exhibition at Ralph Pucci, New-York.

2010 :Solo exhibition at the Valerie Goodman Gallery, New-York.

2008 :Solo exhibition at Cat Berro, Paris.

2006 :Solo exhibition at Ralph Pucci, New-York.

2005 :Exhibition “ Meubles d’Artistes” at theChateauroux Museum.

2005 :Order of the french government“ Mobilier National”.

2004 :Solo exhibition at the galerie st Pere, Paris.

2000 :Exhibition “L’école mobilière française du 20èmesiècle”, Paris.

1997 :Order for the public gardens of the Paris City hall.

1991/1993/1996 : Solo exhibitions at the “Galerie Neotu”, Paris.

1996 :Solo exhibitions at the “Galerie peter Goebbel”, Stuttgart.

1992 :Solo exhibitions at the “Galerie Neotu”, New-York.

1991 :Exhibition “les capitales Européennes”  at thecentre Georges Pompidou.

1990 :Exhibition “les années  V.I.A”. at theMusée des Arts Decoratifs.

1987 :Solo exhibition at the “V.I.A”, Paris.